dong ngac & tay tuu bike tour 1d

Hanoi Bicycle Tour Dong Ngac Tay Tuu Village 1 Day takes you to Tay Tuu village is located in the western Hanoi. The village has become famous for its large variety of beautiful flowers that not o­nly grace local markets but are also exported abroad, and all the households in the village have become involved in this industry. The one day cycling tour to Tay Tuu flower village is customized for small groups tours, holidays with kids. The ride is easy as you mostly cycle on flat roads. The best time to travel this one day biking tour is before the Tet festival.


You will be picked up by the team Cycling Hanoi at your hotel in Hanoi. Depending on the location of your hotel, you can either enjoy a short walk or take a taxi to get to our bike store.

Arriving at our bike store, the guide will give a short briefing about the bikes such as how to use the gear. He also gives useful information about the biking trail, biking tips. You can try to test our bikes riding for some rounds before starting your outdoor adventure.

You start your day adventure by cycling along the Red River. You mostly cycle on the back roads are small alleys that run zigzagging along the dyke. After about half hour riding, you arrive in a small hamlet, located by the riverside where people live of selling ceramics.

You may want to spend some time taking picture before continue your bike ride. You keep cycling through Bonsai and flower gardens until you reach a catholic church where you may make one more stop for a short rest/visit.

Then continue cycling on the back roads, along the Red River dyke to the Dong Ngac communal house where you make one more stop. The communal house, known as an ancient temple in the 17th century, was built to the north of the village near the dyke of the Red River. In 1635, it was restored and expanded to worship three spirits, including Thien Than (Doc Cuoc who was invited to the communal house by Phan Phu Tien from Sam Son, Thanh Hoa), Dia Than (the tutelary god who helped the villagers prevent disasters, fight against drought and performed some miracles) and Nhan Than (Le Khoi, a nephew of King Le Thai To, who was a famous general and was awarded the title “Senior lieutenant-general”. The communal house also pays homage to Pham Tho Ly, who gave land to build the communal house in 1635, and Doctor Pham Quang Dung who restored the communal house in 1718.

After visiting the communal house, you keep cycling along the Red River dyke, crossing the Nhue Giang river, arriving the outskirts of Hanoi. You continue biking for some kilometers on the flat roads until you turn left, finding yourselves in Tay Tuu flower villages. Tây Tựu is considered as the oldest flower village in the suburban area. The village was formed about 10 years ago. The most popular flowers in this area are rose, gerbera and lily.

You cycle amidst the flower and vegetable fields. A stop can be made somewhere else for you to learn how these flowers and vegetable are grown.

Your picnic lunch is provided on the spot.

After lunch, it is possible for you to ride for some more time before being picked up by your vehicle and transferred back to Hanoi city center. Arriving back at your hotel at mid afternoon. Hanoi Bicycle Tour: Dong Ngac, Tay Tuu Village 1 Day is completed.