Dinh Le Street

Dinh Le Street Hanoi is situated at the cross-road of Ngo Quyen street and Dinh Tien Hoang street in the center of Hanoi, Dinh Le is also called “Book street”. Dinh Le is the name of a small narrow street of 200 metres in length. This street is located just near the Hoan Kiem lake.

For students and book lovers, Dinh Le book street has become a familiar place for a long time now. Stepping onto this street, you would find yourselves astonished at numerous bookshops with various colors and genres standing close together. The reason Dinh Le street attracts so many people is that it often offers a huge discount.

Dinh Le makes a strong impression on visitors not only for very long bookshop rows, but also it is always crowded with buyers. These shops are of various types, some are large and arranged into sections, which is easy for customers to seek and choose; others are small and narrow but can lure crowds of customers to their bookshelves with all kinds of books, from very old times to the present.

Arriving at Dinh Le street on special events such as New school year, International Children’s Day, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day…, you will have a chance to enjoy the bustling atmosphere. Books are bought to gain new knowledge by students, to give their children by parents, cookery books and novels are for women and romantic love stories are for lovers… All of them can be found in this small narrow street.