Hanoi Bike Shop

Bicycles are no longer the most important mean of transport of Hanoian people. Now it is the time of scooters and motorcycles. People go to work by motorbike. They go on holidays by motorbike as well. Therefore, it is still easy for you to find a bicycle shop in Hanoi.

Most of the Vietnam bicycle shops are located in Ba Trieu street where a wide selection of bicycles are offered ranging from good imported bikes for professional cyclists and made-in-Vietnam bicycles. Small bikes for kids are available as well. Some other bicycle shops can be found on Thai Ha street as well.

Most of the bicycles being sold by local shops in Hanoi are made in Vietnam such as Thong Nhat bicycle, Xuan Hoa bicycles… The quality is medium. The price is reasonable. The bicycle models are diverse offering customers a real big choice.

There are also imported bikes such as Giant, trek bikes, BMV bikes…which are good for mountain biking. These imported bikes are usually used by tour operators, travel agents who arrange bicycle tours for their foreign customers.

“Lots of Vietnamese people are now interested in buying good imported sport bikes for their children. The price is quite high. But these bicycles are very strong and offer a high standard in terms of security. Buying a bike for their children is much better than buying them a toy. Because the bike is not only a good toy, but this is also a good sport gear for their children to do some training” – According to Trung, a bicycle shop owner in Ba Trieu street.

Online bicycle shops are also available in Vietnam.