Do Temple

Den Do temple was built in 11th century in Dinh Bang, Tu So, Bac Ninh, northern Vietnam. According to Monk Ly Van Hanh, the place used to build that temple was a holy place that has 8 dragons come to visit. It is also said that in the past, near the temple, there used to have a forest and Tieu Tuong river flow around; due to the Feng Shui, Vietnamese people believe to build a temple there will bring the prosperity to the country. For many dynasty of Vietnamese feudal, Kings always took highly consideration in repairing and widening that temple. The temple also has the unique folk architecture of Vietnam.

In 1952, the French took and destroyed the whole temple and it was not until 1989 that the temple was recovered but the total square was limited. The total square of Do temple is 31.250 m2 included 21 items. In the center of the temple, there is altar to worship King Ly and around this, it is the house of patriarch, front sanctuary, Phuong Dinh house, palanquin house…

Do temple is an example for the architecture of temple and pagoda in the North of Vietnam. The first thing you can see when visiting that temple is the main gate with the image of 5 dragons carving on the top of the gate because dragon is the symbol for the power of King.

Besides, Do temple is also a center of culture and history in the North of Vietnam. Each year, many people come here to worship and ask for good health, luckiness, prosperity… It then becomes a center of culture in the North of Vietnam.