Hanoi Weather

Hanoi weather is very important for preparation of a bike tour. Hanoi one of the most visited of the Vietnam popular destinations, is the beautiful capital city of Vietnam, sprawling in the banks of the Red River with French colonial heritage. Hanoi has been traditionally a point of convergence of much of country’s talents in arts and culture with a heavy influence of Confucian values among the people.

Hanoi has four distinct seasons each year, those are: spring, summer, fall, winter. Spring months are March, April and May; Summer is June, July, August; autumn is September, October, November; winter is December, January, February.

Spring – low humidity and rainfall make for a more pleasurable stay, though by May the heat and humidity are on the rise and the monsoon downpours start. This is a good time to go exploring the hills of the north around Sa Pa or Bac Ha, or set off on a road trip to Son La and Dien Bien Phu.

Summer months, Hanoi is quite hot, the temperature can get about 38oC to 40oC. It’s best time to visit Sapa Lao Cai, Because sapa weather is very cool this time.

The weather remains cold and dry in winter, the minimum winter temperature in Hanoi can dip as low as 6oC to 7oC. this season, Most people only like to sleep with a warm blanket.

Autumn and first haft of winter is the most beautiful season in Hanoi. You can take a walk around Hanoi capital, visit The old quarter, Guom lake, Ho Chi Minh mausoleums…

The best time to visit Hanoi is about from September to November or from March to April, Because the weather is not too hot or too cold this time, it’s nice and make you comfortable.