dan phuong bicycle tour 1d

Hanoi Countryside Bicycle Trip Dan Phuong 1 Day is an off-the-beaten track day trip taking you to the suburb of Hanoi. Visit a craft village, local communal house, pagoda, temple; Cycling on the back roads, village’s lanes; See no tourist, but local friendly villagers.


Picked up at your hotel in Hanoi, and brought to Dan Phuong. The car transfer takes about half an hour. Dan Phuong village is the main supplier of peanut candies for Hanoi market. In addition, households in the village also make other products such as popcorn, peppery maize, and doughnuts.

Make the first stop to visit a peanut candy workshop. Making peanut candies is easy because the ingredients are available and it requires few labourers. However, it is really difficult to make delicious, crisp, sweet and appealing peanut candies.

Disembark your bikes and start your adventure! You firstly follow village’s lanes in Phung. Cycling along these twisting back roads, you will experience the real life of the local people in Hanoi suburb. You see no tourist in this place.

After cycling for about 5k, you make a stop to visit a local communal house. This was the place where old people met up each other for discussion. The communal house serve now only traditional festivals.

Keep cycling for 1-2K to a pagoda. Your guide will explain some key differences between communal house and pagoda or why we call a monument “temple”.

Keep cycling for more 10K to another village. You will ride through paddy files, vegetable gardens. Make a stop, visit a local house. You will know more about our customs, tradition, architecture…

Simple lunch is provided in a local restaurant.

The last portion of the bike ride takes you through an immense flower fields. This is the main flower supplier of Hanoi. After pedaling for about 5-7K you will be picked up by your backup vehicle and brought back to Hanoi.

Arrive back at your hotel at about 16.00. Hanoi Countryside Bicycle Trip Dan Phuong 1 Day is completed.