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hanoi weather

Hanoi weather is very important for preparation of a bike tour. Hanoi one of the most visited of the Vietnam popular destinations, is the beautiful capital city of Vietnam, sprawling in the banks of the Red River with French colonial heritage. Hanoi has been traditionally a point of convergence of much of country’s talents in arts and culture with a heavy influence of Confucian values among the people.

hanoi bike shop

Bicycles are no longer the most important mean of transport of Hanoian people. Now it is the time of scooters and motorcycles. People go to work by motorbike. They go on holidays by motorbike as well. Therefore, it is still easy for you to find a bicycle shop in Hanoi.


Every street corner has a bicycle repair man who’ll fix your punctures, pump your tyres and do repairs. But for mountain biking, that is more complicated.