binh lu bicycle tour 1d


Sapa Bicycle Tour Binh Lu Lai Chau 1 Day is a private bike tour we arrange for you to visit the beautiful mountain scenery, valleys, and to meet up with Sapa hill tribe. The day tour starts with/without a car transfer from your hotel in Sapa up to the Tram Ton Heaven gate. From there you enjoy downhill ride to Binh Lu, Tam Duong. About mid afternoon you take the car to travel back to Sapa.


You will be met up with our local team at your hotel in Sapa. You will commence the trip from Sapa going uphill to the Silver Waterfall. From here you will cycle up to Heavens Gate, the highest stretch of road in Vietnam. Here you will experience the stunning views  across  the  valley.

You will  then  travel  by  bicycle  downhill  to  Binh  Lu, where  you will  have lunch. In Binh Lu you will be able to visit the local market. From Binh Lu it is also possible to take another  1  hour  on  the  bike  and  1  hour  walking  to  visit  a  remote  village  inhabited  by  the  Dao minority.

A long day of activity, adventure, and have course a fantastic nature experience is almost over. It is now time for the journey back to Sapa.

Arrive back in Sapa around late afternoon. Sapa Bicycle Tour Binh Lu Lai Chau 1 Day is completed.