Will the bike ride be on roads with a lot of traffic or is it possible to choose other roads?

We mostly cycle on the back roads where this is possible. When there is no choice, we can either take the car or ride with traffic.

We do need something to carry the Luggage – is this possible on these bikes?

We have pannier racks that can be provided upon request. This is included in the rental price.

We looked at your seven day tour – is this only possible to book with group reservation?

Most of our trips are private customized. We will let you know if there is any confirmed group tour which may fall into your tour frame.

Do I have to be an athlete to enjoy one of your tours?

Not at all! You need only feel comfortable on a bicycle and be in reasonable physical shape. Even if you have not ridden in years, or decades, bicycle riding is a skill you do not lose. Since we stop frequently for insights, questions, photos, as well as snacks, our standard tours are easy-paced. You just need to know how to ride a bicycle!

Are you able to arrange the Vietnam visas for us?

Yes. We can help you to apply for the visa on arrival.

What should I bring on a tour?

Bring comfortable clothing for riding, sunscreen, and camera. If the tour includes a visit to local pagoda or temple, shorts, mini-skirts, short skirts, as well as tights should not be worn as outer garments. Long skirts lower than your knees are highly recommended.

What happens if the weather frowns upon us? What about rain?

Our bikes don’t have mudguards, but we do supply ponchos so we can ride in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but we may cancel the ride up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions (heavy rain or snow). If we cancel the event, those who have booked can be rescheduled (subject to availability) or receive a full refund.

What happens if I have a problem on the ride?

Our guide has the tools and the knowledge to repair a flat or fix a minor mechanical problem. If you cannot complete the ride, we will arrange transportation, with fees for you and the bike back to the starting location.

I have young children, can they come along on the tour?

Yes! We do have smaller bikes, bike seats and trail-a-bikes for our younger guests (minimum one year old). We recommend booking a private tour that we can customize for your family’s preferences.

What does my bike rental include?

Bike rentals include a bicycle, helmet. Locks, water bottle are also included with the rental – be sure to ask for one when when you arrive at our shop.

What kinds of bikes are available for rent?

Our primary rental bike is MTB Trek Seri 3900. It is a comfortable, light hybrid bike equipped with 21 speeds. Sizes range from XS (14 in) to XL (20in). MTB Trek Seri 4700 and Giant Anyroad may also be available for rental.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes. A deposit is required to confirm the booking.

Am I required to sign a waiver?

Yes. It is a requirement that all individuals participating with Cycling Hanoi agree to sign a waiver. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must sign for you.

What happens if a bike is damaged or stolen during a tour or rental?

The customer is liable for the bicycle and will be responsible for the full retail cost of the bike rented. Please treat our property as if it were your own! If you need tips on how to properly care for or protect your rental bike, please ask our staff before you leave the shop and we will be happy to demonstrate.

What kinds of child attachments are available for the bikes?

Please contact us to inquire about attachments. We have child seats (attach to an adult’s bike on a rack right behind the adult over the rear; for kids too young to ride a bike), and Trail-a-bikes (attach to an adult’s bike on the seat post for children who are big enough to ride a bike, but may not be able to ride a without training wheels confidently or handle the pacing of a tour).

What kind of information do you need from us to confirm the reservation?

We will need to know your height (for the bike size), and your hotel address (for pickup). Please advise us any other special that you may have such as food dietary, allergies…

Can I leave luggage at the shop?

We can store personal articles, bags, or larger luggage during the day for customers on tour or renting bikes. We are not responsible for lost/damaged items. Sorry, but we cannot store anything overnight.