hanoi countryside

bicycle tour

Hanoi Bike Tour Half Day includes 4 hour bike ride we arrange family travel, small group tour, and cycling fans in the countryside region of Hanoi. Traveling this bike tour Hanoi countryside is a great way to discover the rural Vietnam. The area to be visited is a fascinating mix of rice paddy fields and local homestead of rural Hanoians, who have inhabited and earned a living in the Red river delta for life.


9:00 am. Depart from our garage. Leave behind the hustle & bustle of the city to the outskirt where a small village locates, on the left bank of the Red river. Tour guides give a briefing session and self-introduction and about tour, bikes.

Start pedaling through small alleys of Bac Bien village to the Duong river’s bank. Then take a local boat ferry to cross the river to its left bank. Ride a bike along the dike, from villages to villages, where we can see many traditional typical houses; pagodas, temples, local market and be caught in the beautiful rice paddy fields, gardens of vegetables and corns.

Pedal up to a dike of the Red river, cross 2 villages outside of the dyke. We come in a local house in traditional style, have a conversation with the villagers to understand more about their lives, works. Cycling on the dyke along the Red river, we will see the meeting point of 2 rivers. We stop under an old tree by the river for drinks, snacks, and photos. Heading back to the ferry. Crossing the Duong river by ferry again.

Stop by a local temple, which is located by the Red river. By good luck, we have a chance to see a unique ceremony of Vietnamese people –“ Len Dong” or “ Going into a trance”. This ceremony is very interesting, and unique to foreigners. Have a drink with a family in the village to know more about their life, and the changes of the village & surrounding area.

The Hanoi countryside bike tour finishes at around 12.30. Take a taxi to get back to hotel. Hanoi Countryside Bike Tour Half Day is completed.