cu da & perfume pagoda bike tour 1d

Hanoi Bike Tour 1 Day Cu Da Village, Perfume Pagoda begins with a car transfer from Hanoi to the countryside of northern Vietnam. The car transfer takes about one hour before you leave the busy streets behind, arriving  in the To village where you begin your bike ride along the Nhue Giang river.


After about one a half hour ride, you will arrive in Cu Da village. Nestled inside the Nhue river,  village stretched and shaped fish with bones stabbed neighbor across the lane, narrow, red-tiled. Gate also run to the river with brick veranda  to rise up water edge. The planned nature of the village typical for an ancient Vietnamese village have agricultural while trading. To Cu Da village, we do not praise out before the ancient beauty, but by the time the traditional preserve and promote until today. Ancient village famous for do the job soy-bean, this village is also known as vermicelli where the largest production vermicelli  in the North now.

After spending for about one hour visiting the village ancient houses, talking with local peoples and learning how to make the sauce, you continue cycling on the village road for about another half hour before being picked up again by your vehicle and transferred to the Perfume pagoda.

Upon your arrival in the Hanoi Perfume pagoda, you first start the trip by boating on a river among a beautiful karstic landscape, then you hike quite a long trail, which is all lined up with stands of food and religious souvenirs, to reach eventually the main sanctuary in a cave. Along the way, there are a great number of other places to worship.

Around mid-afternoon, you take the boat to cruise back to the pier where your car is waiting for you for the journey back to Hanoi.

You arrive back in Hanoi at late afternoon. The end of Hanoi bike tour 1 day.