Chuong Village

Chuong Conical Hat Village is located in Thanh Oai District, Ha Tay Province, Chuong Conical Hat Village is well-known for its special product “non” by many foreign and domestic visitors. This small village is crowded with people who not o­nly come here to place orders but also witness the process of making “non”.

The main material for making “non” is palm leaf. Chuong villagers have to choose the white shoots from Phu Tho Province or “noi” leaf from Ha Tinh Province. Bamboo hammocks and conical hats must be imported from other provinces.

Not o­nly old people but also children in this village know how to make conical hats. They take advantage of leisure after harvest time to make “non”. This occupation helps villagers increase their incomes, improve their living standards and contribute to bettering their home vill-age.

“Non quai thao”(a kind of conical hat with fringe hanging at both sides) has a unique beauty with pink fringes, 2 yellow and red silk tassels, which is suitable for girls in Spring festivals, village festivities, “cheo” and “quan ho” folk music festivals.

Many Chuong villagers are good at making “non quai thao”, which is a special cultural feature of the Nothern delta in Vietnam. The conical makers must be meticulous, skillful and have experience as the process is complicated, including choosing, arranging palm leaves, then stiching them o­n the conical ring, and sewing colorful thread. It sometimes takes the artisan a whole day to complete a nice “quai thao” conical hat.

Not o­nly is “quai thao” conical hat ordered by artistic troupes but it is also foreign tourists’ favourite souvenir. Many visitors from Germany, France, England can’t help buying this unique souvenir when they arrive at Chuong Village.